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Sites for every possible Christian subgroup, from Sovereign Grace Singles to Menno Meet, have popped up like mushrooms.

While concerns about online dating do surface, many now view Internet dating as simply another venue in which to find a marriage partner.

Sam Moorcroft, founder of Christian, likens online dating technology to roads. Roads allow you to get to someone's house to have an affair. Having studied the work of Marshall Mc Luhan (recall his aphorism, "The medium is the message") and that of other media ecologists, I wasn't so ready to concede this point.

So I decided to do a little investigating myself with this question in mind: Does the online dating process—creating a profile, uploading pictures, searching for potential matches and/or being matched using an algorithm, and communicating via computer before meeting face-to-face— fundamentally change anything about how we relate to each other? Dating websites claim to serve one or both of two purposes.

First, to increase an individual's range of potential partners and, second, to match people who are uniquely suited to each other.


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