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The other day I went to our freezer to get some apple sauce and there was none in there. Sure it is nice to do things that make others happy, but at the expense of my own self, well, that is not good.

Learning to set limits, and to do as much as I feel comfortable with, now that is a good thing.

Well, I think that I have come to a point in my life where I realize that change is part of life and although sometimes it is hard to endure, it must happen.

I remember holding Savannah in my arms and saying to her, that I could hardly wait until she could tell me what she was thinking and feeling. Savannah begins her second year of ballet, and this year she will also take a Karate Class.

Now at four years old, she does this and it is wonderful! Her 6 month old brother appears to be breaking all records with his desire to get moving.


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    Once there, she pretends that she is her twin, Hope, who's actually off trying to become a big deal in Hollywood.

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